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Wellcome to Center for Interdisciplinary Research on Rural Development PDF Print E-mail
Written by Administrator   
Sunday, 13 June 2010 09:18
With support from the Council of French Speaking Universities Community (CIUF) and the Agency for Cooperation in Higher Education Development (CUD) of Belgium, the Center for Interdisciplinary Research on Rural Development (CIRRD) was established at Hanoi Agricultural University (HAU) in 1999.

The Center aims to conduct studies on agriculture and rural development following an interdisciplinary approach. At the same time, the Center explores national and international projects for its research and development objectives.

The Center’s task is to collect information related to organization of agricultural production, product commercialization, rural credit, legal land administration and institutional organizations. Based on the gathered information, analyses and evaluations are made on positive and passive tendencies in the rural economic structure and social strata of Vietnam.

In the transition from a centrally-planned economy into a market economy, the socio-economic structure of Vietnam has dramatically changed. A proportion of farmers have become richer, while others are subject to greater poverty. Social welfares for education, culture, health services may be easily cut off in the market economy. In this context, according to a socialist orientation, sustainable rural development is considered to be of great importance. With the present process of industrialization and modernization of agriculture and rural areas, sustainable rural development has become imperative.

Sustainable development requires improved agricultural production in order to raise the standard of living for farmers. It is essential that this occurs with social equality ensured, the agricultural civilization preserved, the traditional culture respected, the environment protected, and the gap between rural and urban areas shortened to make sure that the migration of rural people to cities is under rational control.

The Center is ambitious to provide reliable references for analyzing orientations and policies related to sustainable development based on its practical studies, which follow a systematic-historic-comparative approach.

The Center for Interdisciplinary Studies on Rural Development of HAU has received generous and enthusiastic support from Prof. Jean-Philippe Peemans (Louvain University), Prof. Phillippe Lebailly (Gembloux University), Prof. Pascal Leroy (Liege University) and other professors from the French Speaking Universities Community in fostering and training the Center’s staff.

Results of activities of the Center are periodically published on its bulletin named “Results of studies on agricultural science and technology”.

Hopefully, the establishment of this Website will facilitate better communication between researchers, educators, policy makers and extension officers who are concerned about the development of the country.
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